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I have used PNC bank for many years, and had always been happy with their service, until now. We recently moved out of state, and decided to stay with PNC. Over several months, PNC kept charging one of our money market savings accounts $10 each month, supposedly because the balance got below $500. I understand that, if it is policy, but what I don't understand is why they NEVER alerted me that they were doing this. I did not notice it until... Read more

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  • PNC Bank
  • May 21
  • #852123

My home loan was bought by this joke of a company. As soon as their website was able to take automatic payments I signed up. Yet I have recieved call after call from their collentions department. Today I just got a letter from them saying they did not recieve my May payment! It was debited from my checking account on May 1. If at all possible stay far away from this irresponsible company! Add comment

Even after a 100Million class action suit they STILL continue with the same practice. My husband forgot to tell me about a purchase so we went over $3. However they took the largest purchase (and last purchase) and put it first so they could charge me 6 fees ($216.00). They swear they don't do that but I have printed proof of them doing exactly that. Unless you have a serious cushion the banks totally ***. I have no problem with 1 charge as... Read more

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  • PNC Bank
  • May 11
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Please contact federal trade commission with all these complaints were taking this bank out the steal rob and take every dime they find customer service sucks no mgmt no return call file complaints go to bbb then to the white house federal trade commission they will get fined Add comment

They did the same thing to me. We should be able to cash a check for any amount if we have an account with them is what I thought. On two occasions at two different banks, I was depositing a check and also taking money from it. They were saying that I could not take any money out until the check cleared the next day. Asking why, they said that I did not have enough funds in my account to cover for the check in case the check bounced. So... Read more

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Love carefully at this review I have attached. It's so funny it says a B+ yet 90% of the reviews are terrible. The first person who posted give it 5 stars but all negative comments. The bottom line is PNC used to be a great Bank butt their practices are now horrible. I went to go deposit the check yesterday and it was closed on a Saturday morning while all other banks are trying to improve their service PNC is going down the toilet. Then I went... Read more

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Just went to a PNC in Saint Clair Shores Mi, my ATM card got stuck in the banks machine .. I went inside and they refused to return my card .. The card was stuck in their machine .. All the teller had was walk back to the machine and pull the case out .. The card was my property . After a discussion she walked back to the machine and cut the card up in front of me .. Won't go there ever again .. EVER.. Read more

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today i when into a PCN bank locted on western blvd in jacksonville nc, i was looking president gold coin or two dollars bill which they had some however the teller i need to see was at lunch now the time i weas tere was 11:00 am i was told that she what i was looking for in her bank draw i was told by the teller in the window that she would be back at 1:00 pm. i left and return at 1:30 i was told that she hadn't return from lunch yet so' left... Read more

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  • PNC Bank
  • Apr 11
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It takes forever for transactions to post to my account! I have payment confirmations and credits reflected with the companies that I paid 4 days ago, but it still isn't reflected on my bank account. I always have to do money transfers twice online and the virtualwallet app never works. Add comment

Opened personal and business account in 2011 which had 3 segments they call wallets in each account. In 2014 they changed their terms to charge $15 a month if the balance fell below $2000 in the spend and virtual wallets, even if you had over $2,000 in the 3 total accounts. I had well over $2000 in the total account but as I was not aware of the change funds were in the "wrong" wallet which caused me to be charged $15 a month for 25 months. I... Read more

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