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PNC is the worst bank ever. Donot ever for one minute think they will stand by there customer. We were scammed out of 12,000 dollars via a telephone scam and because my husband authorized the charges PNC said we had to pay. Local police were contacted the FCC the IRS and out local government officials. Even the FBI was notified. And PNC said its all our responsibility. The first charge was over 4000. And we were never notified of suspicious... Read more

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I just had the most degrading, insulting experience with the PNC bank in the Kings Plaza off of 202/206 in Bedminister NJ, today 9/27/2016 at 12:00 pm. I have been banking with PNC for well over 20 years, but now I think I am going to go somewhere else.. I was treated like a common criminal at the drive up window, on my lunch break from work, trying to cash two small checks made out to my young Child for her Birthday, she signed, I signed... Read more

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PNC has once again charged overdraft fee when my account was positive. Then they charged me again because it went into a negative. When I emailed them they tried to tell me it was because I had a charge pending and then a check hit my account. I said it was pending and when that charge it my account was positve which would of paid for the pending charge. I said look at my account and you can see it. Had you not taken money out the pending... Read more

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If you are thinking of becoming a PNC customer, you might like to read our story. Our son was recently the victim of bank fraud. He unknowingly deposited a check that did not clear. Even though PNC bank let him know that "funds were available" for withdrawal, the bank really takes up to 7 BUSINESS DAYS to establish that there are indeed sufficient funds. Our son in the meanwhile took out money orders that totalled the amount of that check. When... Read more

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My mortgage loan was "sold" to PNC mortgage and working with PNC has been absolute ***. My spouse was injured and found to be permanently disabled and PNC rejected my loan modification and refinance requests multiply times. I found a competent and reputable mortgage company and was able to payoff a bad loan with PNC. There are many mortgage companies that offer great customer service, competence, and assistance during difficult times when... Read more

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I have an equity line of credit that used to be with Nationstar. I live on the west coast where there are no PNC branches. The only way for me to make a payment is to MAIL it (FFS it's the 90's man, get with it), or to call and make a payment over the phone. I set up a PNC consumer banking online profile, answering all their questions, only to find out that it does me no good if I don't have a PNC checking account. Customer service is... Read more

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I'm a very upset customer of pnc bank. I have been banking with them for over 7 years. I am getting ready to leave them over fees. I am 218.40 in over draft at this moment but that could change. Pnc reversed a transaction on me by my request when that happened I started to get overdraft fees on things that have already been paid out. Yes I was over draft because of the reversed transaction and a transaction from a gas station that appeared and... Read more

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which I've should of received without calling these people. I tried to activate the new card and it says my card number and debit card pin doesn't work. I used the same pin I used before and it still did not work. If I received a new card, why isn't their a prompt to change the pin? So i tried calling customer service and the *** IVR phone prompts made me go thru putting my id and pin before they told me the call center was closed on... Read more

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PNC did not honor an agreement regarding my personal account. Go somewhere else if you want honesty.

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For well over an hour I sat in the waiting area of the Pleasant Ridge branch in Cincinnati, and all I wanted to do was renew a CD. Employees had the gall to question my presence as if the plush chairs were reserved for royalty. I'm pulling both of my CDs (worth $60,000) out of that place, and I'll never use their services again. No one said, "We're busy with another customer right now. Could you come back tomorrow?" The security guard acted... Read more

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