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My account suffered an unauthorized online transaction 7 days ago. $900 was taken from my account, which was my husband's entire paycheck. We immediately stopped the transaction, however, the funds have been tied up with the bank since then.

Since this has happened, overdraft fees are piling up on my account. I have been promised that those will be refunded, however, this will not happen until the investigation is complete. Now my paycheck for this week is being direct deposited, and I went to the bank to speak with them in person to see if there was any way I could come in and get the cash so it wasn't eaten up by these fees, and they told me no.

The customer service I have received during this time is ridiculous. The person who stands and smiled in the lobby when you walk in the door was who I have been working with, and she was questioning prior NSF Fees we have incurred as if this situation was a big ploy to avoid making a payment. After I told her that I can't pay for daycare or buy groceries for my family this week, she very coldly told me that there was nothing she could do.

I know the difference between something you can't do and something you won't do. When this transaction is cleared up we plan to close our account and return to our old bank who would have given a "provisional credit" to us in 1 day.

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Federal law states that a bank has 30 days from receipt of a report of unauthorized account usage in which to complete its investigation and return any funds. It also states that they have to refund any fees charged as a result of that unauthorized use.

What it does not say, however, is that they have to continue to allow you to use the account while an investigation is in process. We're not talking about one $40 transaction here - we're talking about $900. That's not a small amount of money for most people, and the bank doesn't want to risk taking a loss on it.

And the reason is simple: (not that I'm accusing, but...) if you're lying about the unauthorized transaction and you took it yourself, you know they will find that out and would have done it fully knowing there's nothing they could do to recover it from you easily, and they'd burn through that amount in attorneys' fees trying to get it back.

They are covering themselves so that if you are lying to them (and it happens more often than you'd think), they're not giving you money that they will need to cover fees that are, in fact, your responsibility. And, considering the fact that you've had NSF fees before, it increases your risk in their eyes.

This is standard banking practice and the law.


They ARE HORRIBLE--They should have given provisional credit once the unauthorized use form was completed and notarized. I don't blame you for leaving--May I ask where did you bank at before? I am closing my accts with PNC and I would like some references about other banks before I make the switch..

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