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After the ATM @ PNC rejeced my deposit, I went to the drive-thru to complete the transaction; the attendant informed me I would have to come in to make the deposit. Inside the teller hands me the check back saying, you may want to go back to the Company of this check, and that depositing here could take several weeks.

I let the teller know that I was their only to cash the check & get the funds into my account. I was then made aware of a $25 fee to process the transaction. I ask him to perhaps waive the fee as I have been a good client for 3 decades; but the answer was no. Before leaving the back on 11/9, I was surprised that it wasn't until I became insistent, that I could get a receipt!

The teller stated the $25 bank charge was all that I would get. Because the bank charge receipt gave no indication of a check being processed or amounts, I said, "make a copy of the Canadian check, time stamp & please sign it". I was little perplexed that a bank would allow a customer to leave, without any evidence of eccepting or being/taing possession of a check transaction; especially when there was going to be a delay in seeing the funds hit my account. At the anticipated several or (3) week period, I began to contact CustomerService who let me know that the time period could be 6 weeks; eventually gave me a # to Katrina, who worked in PNC International Accounts.

Katrina said, the time period was 5 weeks, but that's AFTER she receives the check WHICH was 11/21! I found out the $25 fee sure didn't go for an overnight service; I was told that the Bank Branch held on to my check, waiting to send it in a bundle with other documentation. It took Katrina (12) days before she could START the (5) week processing period. PNC's process in handling the cashing of this check has identified no: sensitivity: urgency: effectiveness or even concern!

Today is December 6th and I'm being told perhaps "after Christmas" for a Canadian check that I went to my PNC bank to deposit NOVERMBER 9TH!! After the teller originally handing my check back to me.. after PNC tacks on a $25 fee to the transaction..

after the Branch took (12) DAYS (or the "9TH" business day) getting my check from Columbus too Pittsburgh (just to BEGIN a (5) week processing period) lets me know that for some reason, International checks are undesirable to PNC, because in this area they (PNC) is not even trying. In this life, there is certainly bigger fish to fry; I rarely complain, but it being this close to 2017, I know "IF PNC wants to", they can do better than this.

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