We applied for a mortgage a month ago and brought in a contract for the new house showing the closing would be the 20th. It is now the 25th and they are still stalling.

We have sold our home that we live in and have no home to move into !! They lie to us everytime we call them, they do not contact real estate agents for updates and it is very upsetting. They seem to drag the loan application after the expiration date to raise the interest rates on the loan. We are approved, but can't get anywhere.

The real estate agent says they will not deal with anyone dealing with PNC because they are very difficult to work with. Beware of PNC !!!

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The idiots working as loan officers at PNC have lost our paperwork 3 times. Our closing has been pushed back 4 times and no matter who we complain to at corporate, no one cares.

Our lease is about to expire on the house we're renting and we're about to be homeless because PNC keeps losing our paperwork and stalling, not returning calls, etc. They have completely made buying a home a NIGHTMARE!


PNC is the WORST!!! Trying to Refinance my house........seems like all they do is want more information (sometimes 2 or more of the same info) This refi has been going on for more than 2 months.

And now today when i'm finally supposed to close, guess what, they call and say closing has been cancelled because they didn't see my second mortgage on the credit report and it would have to be subordinated.......basically a ok to be second in line.

I had this exact conversation with them weeks ago so I know they already knew. NEVER AGAIN!!!!

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