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We applied for a PNC morgage a month ago and gave them the contract for the new house showing the closing date as the 20th. We were told no problem - you are pre-approved.

It is now 5 days past the closing and they are still stalling. We have sold the house we are living in and still do not have this loan completed...there is a chance of us losing the contract with the sellers of the new house. No matter who we call and what we say, they will not budge. There is always something else that needs to be done.

They have lied to us, did not bother to keep in contact with our real estate agent and it goes on. The stalling will throw this loan into a larger interest rate and that is what they seem to be doing.

I will NEVER deal with these people again. BEWARE!!!

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I am trying to get an FHA mortgage through them right now and it's so unprofessional. They have lost documents including the taxes multiple times.

Our first date to close by was September 5th. Then we were told that the appraisal came in low and no comps could be found. We appealed but received no responses so we got the seller to lower the price and we put extra down. Then 2 days before we were supposed to close again (OCT 5) we were told another appraisal was needed.

This was ordered because they felt the appraisal was too high when comparable houses are selling for much higher. They said it was rushed but that has not been the case. They keep asking us for documents that they already had or shouldn't need, such as proof of insurance on the car we sold for down payment money. It's now 16th and we still haven't even been able to get clear to close.

We have tried to complain but can get no satisfaction from management and as a result we are likely going to lose our dream house because they cant get their act together. Avoid doing business with PNC of you can.


That's terrible. We've been in the process of "closing" for SEVEN!!!

months!!!!!!!!!!! I'm surprised the seller has extended our contract so many times. It's been so bad, that things that were once good (appraisals, credit report, etc) have all expired, causing us to have to start over again on numerous occassions! It's RIDICULOUS!

the amount of delays this bank has! Every week is "oh, it's going to be Friday at the LATEST!!" and every week we aren't surprised to find out that "friday at the latest" could mean 30 fridays from now.


WE are having the same thing. We Thought we were closing on the 28 of Decmber and here it is January 18 still haven't heard a for sure date.It is always maybe Friday.

They had names & addresses wrong on our loan app.We have to resign papers. They asked us for a pention letter that took 7 day to recive my mail right before we thought we we closing two weeks ago.Our Loan office is MARK OLSEN out of the lansing,MI.

His boss MICHEAL CHARLOW is not any better. WARNING STAY CLEAR OF THEM.Good Luck


That is exactly what happened to us! We were preparing to go in for closing, and an hour before closing our real estate agent got a call saying we are not closing!!!!

They did not bother to tell us, or the sellers!!! I got on the phone with PNC, and went up as high as I could, and left message after message, until someone called me back.

Customer service is not much better after the loan either! If you still have time, contact another bank for your mortgage, because it does NOT get better afterwards!

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