PNC Mortgage is my existing lender, and up until now everything has been fine.

However, I qualify for a HARP refinance loan, so I started one with them on October 3, 2012. It is now December 14, 2012.

Personnel Issues:

Two individuals working on my HARP loan either left PNC, or were removed from my case.

Their titles were Loan Processor and the Loan Officer.

They were replaced with 2 more "I'm here to help you" customer service-talking types, who do not appear to be capable of accomplishing anything other than sending me secure emails saying they are waiting on my bank to complete the Subordination paperwork.

One of the new individuals on my case (Mortgage Operations, Customer Care Specialist) doesn't even have a phone that I can reach her at - after almost a month!

Paperwork Issues:

The Subordination paperwork they sent to my bank was rejected TWICE because it was not signed - they just typed a name into the field. My bank informed PNC of this, and what did they do? They sent it back the exact same way. The bank closed my case each time this occurred after a 7 day period, which is what they are supposed to do.

I conference-called in PNC Mortgage and my Bank TWICE, each time trying to figure out why PNC Mortgage's ongoing response to me was "We are waiting on your Bank to complete the Subordination paperwork." PNC Mortgage simply does not know the definition of a SIGNATURE. Here's a clue PNC: it involves an INK PEN and your HAND!

While all this is happening, I started to get a chuckle out PNC's "We are recording this call for training purposes" each time I called them. So, I started telling them on each call that I was documenting everything, and preparing a report for the Attorney General and Federal Government regarding the poor manner in which my HARP loan was being handled.

I'm not sure if this type of threat helped, but at least now (Dec 14, 2012) I got a call from my Bank, saying they were sending the Subordination paperwork back to PNC for signing.

My only hope is that PNC has finally learned what a SIGNATURE is!

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