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I can't find an attorney that can/will help me. Not sure if it's

because it's "small beans" to them or if they just don't have the

expertise. I need to fight PNC Mortgage Company. I've saved a 2-hr.

phone call & MANY letters. I've been trying to get answers to where my

money went for OVER A YEAR! Unbeknownst to me, I was enrolled in the

HAMP program WITHOUT MY CONSENT. I've made my regular payments ON TIME

EVERY TIME. One PNC dept. told me I was 30 or more days late Sept.

Oct. Nov. & Dec. of 2009. THIS IS NOT SO, nor does it reflect on my

credit report or prior bank statements. I did get behind in my escrow

account because in Sept. 2009 I switched ins. co. to State Farm. I

received a refund check from my prior co. MetLife & I spent it. When I

realized PNC had already paid MetLife, I immediately paid $300 of it



HAVE THIS RECORDED! I should have only been behind on my escrow $700

to no more than $1000. My house payment went up about $130 during that

time. Now with the most recent escrow statement, the payment has gone

down about $50. One guy at PNC told me he can see a payment I made

last year just sitting in the "OTHER" column not applied anywhere. WHY

IS THAT?! There have been amounts of money bounced around here & there

that I don't understand at all. I am tired of telling this story over

& over & not getting anywhere with them. When I last called to speak

to someone about the newer HARP program, I was told I didn't qualify

because I didn't have a Freddie Mac loan...but I have a Fannie Mae

loan...I know it qualifies for HARP. He also said it didn't matter

anyway because I wouldn't qualify because of the late payments that

are showing in their system from the time I was enrolled in HARP



unemployment nearly all year & needed help from them then. They

suggested the HAMP program, but I DECLINED IT & SIGNED NOTHING because

the "fine print" said this would reflect negatively on my credit

report. THEY HAD NO RIGHT TO ENROLL ME ANYWAY! My house payment is so

high now & I'd like to eventually refinance. I need an attorney

because I'm not getting anywhere with PNC other than the runaround and

transferred back & forth to different people who, in the end, cannot

help me. PNC employees are never on the same page. I can't believe

with all the PNC banks in our area, not ONE OF THEM can help me

FACE-TO-FACE. I need someone to go over my entire loan history with a

fine-toothed comb and tell me where my money went.....perhaps my house

payment could be at a more manageable level if they fixed THEIR

screw-ups. I will have a little bit of money for a retainer if

necessary in April. I know there are MANY others who have had issues

with the PNC switch from National City. I didn't have any problems

until then. As a single mom of two, that money meant a lot to me for

it to just "be paid to some unknown 3rd party". The pain of being sent

"late payment" letters & receiving "late payment" phone calls WHEN I

WAS NEVER LATE feels like it's worth SOMETHING as well.

I've been a nervous wreck. Every time I call them or even while I type

my story to you I spring an instant headache.

DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE??? Or can you please point me in the right direction?

Thanks so much for your time!!!


Becky Fee

Pekin, IL (Near Peoria)



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I have had automatic pay come out of my bank account for ten years to pay my mortgage.The beginning of 2013 my payment went up, with out my knowledge $100.

So for the first 3 months PNC received my payment $100 short. No big deal, it's only $300. PNC notified me that they are not accepting my back payment and returned my 3 months I had already paid. They told me that I was eligible for a loan modification and they will lower my payment, get a better rate or better principle.

Sounds great to me. It was time for a better rate anyway.

After 3 months of them claiming they never received my fax(I have proof they did) and every other excuse they gave me, I started an escrow account, just in case. Every month the normal payment went into the escrow.

On the 6 month they said they have everything they need, all we have to do is appear in court and sign. This was my 6th time in court to meet them.

They tell me PNC sold my mortgage to Rushmore!!!.

Rushmore tells me that I owe $12,000.00 or I must sign their modification.


They raised my monthly payment, they raised my rate, they added twenty years onto a mortgage I just paid into for ten years and the escrow I had mentioned earlier only had $4,000, they took that too. Where is our justice? PNC can not get away with this.

I want to one day stand in front of PNC and turn as many customers away as I possibly can. For every one person who...

Anyone care to join me?

Truthfully, I really need a lawyer to help me out.If not...plan B.

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to Anonymous Pekin, Illinois, United States #1123145

I ended up selling my home to get away from them.I never found legal help to go after them.

At the closing PNC took late fees as they claimed I had been late many times paying the mortgage...yet it was set up with auto pay.

They are a nightmare company.Im so sorry they have screwed us all and ruined lives.


I'm suing them myself. They try to rip off their customers and use deceptive trade practices. I hope you go forward with your action.

Rockford, Illinois, United States #941602

We are also having issues with PNC.Our mortgage was with National City, until PNC bought them out.

We have always paid on time . They have threatened forclosure and they are charging us late fees and other fees that they cannot tell us who these fees are going to.. We have tried to straighten this out since Oct. 2011 and nothing.

We keep getting the run around. We never speak to the same person twice.

They have ruined our credit and more..What can be done??

to Lisa M. 49 Groveland, Illinois, United States #941618

I wish you the best of luck with this.We never did find an attorney in our area (Peoria, IL) willing to help us.

We ended up selling our house to get away from PNC and we just keep spreading the word about how shady PNC is. In the end, I quit calling them & used email correspondence instead that way I could get everything they said in writing. I still have everything in hopes someone will be able to start a class action lawsuit & take PNC down.

While I'm glad to be done with having to deal with PNC, I am LIVID that we didn't recoup any funds we know are due us and PNC hasn't been reprimanded for all the anxiety, migraines & homes lost, that they have caused most of their customers.:(

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #609400

I Proof read a Random House book coming out in 2013 entitled

' PNC Mortgage's Rape of a Homeowner'.It's VERY factual TRUE Story (Probably have to be to name them by name) about a 14 year long Foreclosure (YES!

14 years in Foreclosure !!) of a guy (Jay Markland) AFTER HE HAD PAID OFF his Mortgage.The errors and Downright Lies by the bank is reminiscent of 'It's a Mad Mad MAd Mad Mad World'.


I to had a modification and made payments and then was told that the modification was null and void. class action lawsuit i say.


Paid on the account in May.They didn't post it.

I have sent the electronic payment codes from my bank showing it WAS paid. Still no word yet on where the payment went.

Although I pay each month on time, this has made me show late the last 4 months.They DON'T care!


What is going on at PNC? Who is in charge at that convoluted company? Really, I want to know. They have pulled our last string. I am reporting them to the BBB.

Management has no idea what it's doing. If a class action is what it takes, then we are in line. They don't do what they say, & it takes forever for them to return calls.

Nat'l City Mort. never messed up our accts. like this

:( Sad, they cause so much mental stress because of their "creative accounting"


I got behind because of loss of income due to daughter being hospitalized for a little over a month.PNC sent the delinquent letter and a hardship packet to fill out.

Sent it back and got 3 different letters (2 of which had same date and the other was dated the next day). One of the letters said they didn't receive my packet and another said they did receive it and would review, and the third stated it was too late for review before auction date. I tried to call my "personal contact" person only to get her voice mail and no returned calls.

Finally I just talked to a regular customer service person and told him I was not getting a returned call he informed me the house was auctioned.Very sick about this...

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