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I banked with PNC in Pittsburgh (their hometown) for 15 years. They rewarded me by one day (after my direct deposit went in) overdrawing my account by posting a $500 car payment first and then four other smaller transactions and charging me for each one.

Starting balance $505.00

Direct deposit $ 990.00 @ 11:30pm

Trans 1 - $518.69 - overdraft $34.00

Trans 2 - $48.00 - Overdraft $33.00

Trans 3 - $7.10 - Overdraft $33.00

Trans 4 - $1.00 (preauth @ a gas pump) - Overdraft $33.00

Total fees $133.00

I called customer service and tried to make them see my POV, but they said it is their policy to put thru the most expensive first, as it is "most often an important payment". This was the third person I talked to (a supervisor) and only she tried to help by refunding $75.00. After being yelled at by the first rep, the second one hanging up on me, I was so pissed i said it was all or nothing and I would never do business again with PNC.

The worst part is that THEY PAID ALL THE TRANSACTIONS!!!! So why charge me at all.

I have now pulled my accounts at PNC and moved to another b/c no one @ cust. svc cared.

Do not bank with PNC by any means

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Elizabethtown, Kentucky, United States #1342295

I had an instance with PNC many years ago (1996) when PNC rejected a number of checks I had written on my account. I had over 14 checks that were bounced and stamped "ACCOUNT CLOSED".

I didn't waste time with a phone call, I went directly to my nearest branch and spoke with the senior official there. My account had a balance of $3300.00 and was marked closed.

After a heated exchange with the bank official my account was 're-opened', all return check fees from the vendors was credited to my account and a letter was written to each vendor on PNC letterhead explaining that PNC accepted full responsibility for the error. It seems that somewhere along the line someone hit a wrong button on a computer and closed my account.

to Phil #1608975

And there you have it folks, the great bank shake up of 1996, the date in which Philly here peaked. Everything else was down hill from there.


I work at a different bank entirely, but every bank hears the overdraft complaint.

No matter who you bank with, aside from keeping good records: specify to your bank that you want to either turn the overdraft protection off on your account (either on the phone or in the branch), set up a link from your savings to your checking (smaller fee usually, check with whomever you bank with), or in the very least opt out of overdraft on your debit card.


In the very least turn the overdraft protection off on your debit card. If you must overdraw your account, it forces you into the branch to withdraw cash or write a check for rent or utilities if it's Really an emergency (yes, you still get That fee), but will save you a ton over the course of a year if you are one of the folks being hit with hundreds in accidental fees for small purchases.

If you turn overdraft off on the account, please know you Will still get hit with the fee if a check or automatic payment is presented and sent back to the merchant. In many cases you are probably better leaving the overdraft protection on the account but off of your debit card - your mortgage is still paid but your latte is rejected.

Honestly I never knew how commonly other people's accounts go into the negative until I worked at a bank. As a human being, I hate seeing it because I know it quickly becomes a hard pit for people to crawl out of. It also never seems to fail that about the time someone Has to use it is the same time that they get hit for the one-year subscription fee they forgot about or Aunt Aggie cashed that check you forgot you wrote her 4 months ago. The other thing I would mention is that if you know your account will be negative, please make sure you have nothing else outstanding.

I don't know about how PNC bank handles pendings, again I am elsewhere. When you swipe your card at a merchant, many times they run a authorization hold, not a purchase. (I really wish online showed customers which were authorizations and which show as purchases). Merchants run purchases in batches, sometimes even days later (I've seen a couple of times weeks later!), which is why you see them "pending" for a few days.

Banks cannot force your merchant to take your money immediately any more than they can make someone you wrote a check to turn it in right after you write it. Circle or highlight it on your check register as outstanding until it has been processed (moved from your pending into your posted transactions). Please don't think bank employees don't care. I have personally turned in passes for long breaks to get it back together after crying with a customer over their situations or spent an hour going over transactions with an elderly person who lost their spouse (deceased was the one that always did the bills and the surviving one needs help learning how to bank now).

I am still the same person who turns off the fountain of caring if folks that start the conversation with "you sum-b's are stealing from me", act entitled with a bad attitude, or use abusive language. Also, blaming your bank when you give your card or account numbers out to a-hole companies doesn't help anyone. Banks typically hold funds on paper checks, money orders, and cashier's checks. You can thank the Photoshoppers and the people who have deposited questionable or kiting checks.

Don't use the funds until it shows as a part of your Available balance. I realize this is a rant forum for somebody else's bank, but hopefully the tools will help someone reading this.


PNC does not post deposits as they should. resulted in a overdraft of 36.00 which was refunded.

deposit was posted two days late. not the first time it happened. my account was adjusted as a credit the second time.

I am a senior citizen but not senile. Service is poor.


PNC charged me over $145 for being 79 cents overdrawn. I don't have that kind of money to be paying fees.

I'm a nursing student and can barely afford gas. I'm done with PNC.

to Cz #1594167

exactly, I was charged $36 for being -48cents. And it gets better.

PNC offers a $5 safety buffer without charging a fee, however my overdraft was -$5.48 so I drove to the bank with cash before the cutoff time at 10pm so it was 9:45pm and the ATM was working but would not accept cash deposits. Only check deposits. I took it steps further, I removed my ATM card, turned on my phone video camera and recorded the whole thing. Put my card in, went to deposit, and the only highlighted option was check deposit.

the cash option was not highlighted but there, I tried to push it anyway showing it on the video, then since at this ATM the check deposits, and cash go in the same hole, I pushed check deposit and inserted the cash. I gave me the cash back. Then I logged back in, and got a receipt with account balance to show the time I was there and the cash in my hand to deposit all on video. There is no other ATM in town and would have to drive to another town to deposit, but I would have missed the 10pm deadline.

Called pnc the next morning and guess what, we are sorry but we cannot refund the overdraft. and then was told to make sure I had the money in the account before spending it. and then told that they cannot control if the ATM breaks down, or changes what it can do and I said well its not In my control either. and then of course there's more,, I'm told the ATM is a perk to be able to deposit.

so when I said so if it was working and I put the cash in before 10 none of this would have happened and they said yes that's correct. And I said so your policy states if I overdraw my account and as long as I make it positive especially with cash before 10pm, then I am not charged a fee, and they said that's correct, but it is not their fault that the ATM was not working with all functions. How's that for money sharks and no personal service. They tried to refund me the money but the system would not let it go through.

Even the branch manager said that. But when I ask why they give me the same reasons.

So they blame the system, but then they blame the circumstance. amazing isn't it?


VERY VERY risky .. other than the fact you will be charged an arm a leg, if the cuheqe 'bounces'** (and they will present it at least twice) you will get done for Bank Charges AND they are likley to pursue you in the County Courts for ALL their costs and when you can't pay the a3100's (or a31,000's) in legal costs it's Bailiff time (and you will be on your way to bankruptcy )Your a3100 'cash up front' might end up costing you everything ..

Have you tried to STOP SPENDING ?I guess you already tried to get your Bank to increase your Overdraft ?

.. Maybe now's the time to start thinking of an IVA (go see Citizens Advise) ?**If you are overdrawn, the Bank CAN bounce your cuheqes if it feels like it ..


I agree that the worst practice is putting the largest check or debit first and then smaller amounts so that PNC makes the most money. Once I asked them how they can justify doing that and they said it was a practice approved by the FDIC.

Well I called the FDIC and they told me they had nothing to do with that and it was entirely up to the banks. I will be glad when the law suit is won.

Here is a number I found for the executive offices. Please call and make a complaint.

Leave a message and they will call you back. At least we are giving them a lot of complaints.


I have pnc student acct and I love it. I overdraft every week and never get charged!!! Best bank ever!!


I lmao when a pnc bank gets robbed


I've had PNC for years now, hated all my other banks. after getting charged nearly $900 dollars in overdraft fees for a few days of spending money on a vaca.

i called and went rounds with several managers from this and that branch.

in the end i was about to give up when i got a call from the vice president of the company saying that this was a dumb mistake and that they were going to refund me all my money. I love pnc bank, even when i do get overdraft feesm if i catch them the same or next day and get money in the account, they don't charge an overdraft fee.


Thing is they were sued over it but they are still doing it so what was the point in suing them when they continue the same practice. I've incurred numerous overdraft fees from them for these same unfair banking practices.


Ummm..I assume the person defending an underhanded bank works for that bank..You need to calm down. I know this person posted back in November but I couldn't help but responding. PNC should at least give some breaks with the overdraft fees, everyone make mistakes!!


This just happened to me too, I complained. they are posting larger amount on the same day causing your acct to become overdrawn then it is a domino effect because then all overdraws, but if they went from small to high, then maybe just 1 overdraft.

When I contacted them they told me "They think the larger ones are more important", they refunded me 72 dollars. Bank of America lost a 133 million dollar class action for the very same practices... Does anyone know of such a class action against PNC?

I would like to join it.. Lets all start one.


Just so everyone knows, don't take RiahZ's comments seriously. Someone with the same name posted on a different complaint on another site also defending PNC. Can you say, "PNC Employee". Also to address the actual comment, if the terms say the largest items are posted first then why would the person who gave the first example not have their direct deposit go in first since it was the largest item, that would be a breach of contract on PNC's part, not the customers, assuming that is the policy.

@"SUE"- You're complete lack of understanding of the subject being discussed actually made me LOL. If I had to guess I would say you're probably a PNC employee as well.

Oh, and yes, PNC was successfully sued for the exact practice being discussed here. They're expected to pay out sometime in the near future. If it wasn't wrong then so many people wouldn't be getting their hard earned money back and PNC wouldn't have changed their "policy". Now they have to rely on underhanded online banking to trick their customers into overdrafting. What their online banking does may not technically be illegal but it's highly deceptive compared to every single other online banking I've used. Just keep track of your own records and they won't be able to trick you with it.


Sux when you have to pay $36 for $1.50 and $150 overdraft ! ...

Now that OVERDRAFT FEE stuff I understand .. but shouldnt they have different amounts for different $ overdrafts !

THAT IS WHAT I AM AGAINST .. PNC Sux period, Im with chase now !


Sue is an absolute *** with absolutely no real knowledge of what is even being discussed here. It's one thing when you actually overdraft your account, its another when you know how much money you have in your account at the time you write a check, and a bank making up *** about how "it was not posted yet" I think it's time for you to grow up, because they don't have a class action suit against them for no reason. Think a little.


Just a bit of info... PNC has a class action settlement against them regarding the overdraft fees and posting the largest amount first from the account, in order to benefit the company itself. Just FYI


Wow, really pnc? They changed my policy without me even knowing then charged me over draft fees after I deposited a 450 check in my account.

they charged me 144 for for four over draft fees that come out to 80 bucks. hahahaha what a load of ***.


PNC Bank is a SCAM. Their over draft policy amounts to PURE FRAUD.

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