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Please do not bank with this bank! If you do choose to bank with these poor business people, do not pay your bills using them for automatic payment.

They will post the charge 2 days early and if you don't have the money, they will charge overdraft fees. If you have a negative balance longer then 3 days, they charge $7.00 per day everyday until the balance is paid. After 7 days, they charge $21.00.

and this is all because they like to post things early. do not bank with pnc because they do not have the customer's best interest at hand.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pnc Bank Account.

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I am currently in this situation. i told them let the account over draft. Im not giving you guys a dime!!!!


I use their bill pay service. Here's a tip for you: set up your bills to pay the day AFTER your payday, rather than the day of. Also, if it's a Friday, make it the MONDAY after, not the day of.

Problem solved.


No matter which bank you go to, you will be charged the NSF fees. I suggest you get one of those prepaid Visa cards.

You can have your employer direct deposit it onto that card. It has the same appearances in online banking to that of other banks but no overdraft fees. I just applied for one today. You can build credit with it also by paying bills.

I thought that is pretty cool. Well I hope this helps.

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