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After visiting enola pnc bank in p.a ,it was very clear to see not only are the rumors true about that whole town being a bunch of raceist and disrespectful(@#%*@),The clecks and management as well showed their true colors as well.Asking me to remove my clear lens classes so they can see my face,(no hat,gloves,hooded jackets, mask or anything to hide my appearrance)just regualr glasses.disrespecting me in front of other costmers and the person i was with.Yet when an elderly white man came in wearing (glasses and a hat)the bank staff members said nothing (until)i spoke on it.The man refused to remove his hat and stated (@#%*@)up i am not doing it but they left him alone,but refused to do business with me until i removed my glasses.Also loundly speaking on my personal business in the bank to other staff members like they were making my presents known to other staff members,oh he,s trying to cash a welfare check !!! I held my comments to my self cause you can tell the nasty old fat white lady was waiting for me to respond so she could make matters other than what they were.

If ever a small town should be put on the map for being raceist its enola p.a & iam contacting a lawyer behind the treatment i recieved. yours truly (shakiem wray 717-524-8364)

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