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Trying to short sale our house & we have a 1st and 2nd mortgage with PNC. The 1st mortgage has been nothing but nice. The 2nd mortgage is another story & yet it's the same company.

The 2nd is receiving $2500 from the 1st to close. We still need $3250. We are currently on church welfare & receive food from them. SO we have NO money to give them to close. The lady flat out told us "Well I guess you're not going to sell your house."

We are trying to make things better for our family & this is what we get in return.

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I realize that changes in circumstances suck, but seriously...despite what you hear on the news about Goldman Sachs, most banks are not rolling in profit right now. Most are still struggling to recover and stay afloat.

Times have gotten bad for everyone, not just for you. Why exactly is it that you feel the bank should take a $4000 loss (not to mention all the fees they will have to pay for you on top of that) just because you are in rough straights? If they do that for everyone who asks, I guarantee you they wouldn't stay afloat.

This sense of entitlement to be given everything on a silver platter "right now" like a two-year-old is exactly the reason why this country's financial system got so screwed up in the first place - both by the banking executives and by consumers.

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