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Accidentally double paid a car payment; then they want to charge me to refund my own money! Yes, that's right.

And won't let you pay online, yet want to charge to pay by phone. Everything here is right on. They are bad bad bad. They provide no service they should provide for their customers, they charge when you try to fix something that they should be glad to fix for nothing, and they start calling you the day after your payment is due, the so called grace period, which it most certainly is not.

I watch then like a hawk, send all my letters by certified mail, and don't ever intend to do business with them again, ever.

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you made a mistake right. usually if you want the bank to right a cashiers check there's a cost for that.

why didn't you just let them keep the payment and not make one the following month?

Make sure you know excatly what the fee is for and search your records for the terms of the agreement. It should all be spelled out in there.

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